The Unhinged Alaskan is an author, an artist, and she might be a little bit Alaskan. She’s not sure yet, but she has the rest of her life to find out.

Join the Unhinged Alaskan on her journey to explore Alaska and tame the wilderness–whether that wilderness is outrageous tales of whimsy, dark and thrilling horror, the strange and beautiful last frontier, or her unruly and demonic husky.

What’s New With The Unhinged Alaskan?

The Unhinged Alaskan is always working on something, so here are weekly updates from the last month so you can stay up to date on what she’s working on!

Book An Interview About Your Strange Experiences

If you have a story, I’d like to hear it! I’m a writer for a paranormal and supernatural horror website (if you didn’t already know that part) and we want real stories from real people about their real experiences.

News: August 25, 2020

There has been a great deal of stuff happening for me lately, but I haven’t had a chance to post news updates about any of it! I’m going to use the excuse of having last-minute stuff to do for the magazine; to be perfectly honest it had a lot to do with the new semester […]

Photography by Mitch McKee
Photography by Mitch McKee

News: June 23, 2020

This last week is being posted a bit late because I took one of my summer trips across Alaska, and my boyfriend and I ended up taking a road adventure all the way to Homer, Alaska. So I’m backdating this entry for the day after I left on my trip–my apologies! We’re exploring the last of the Oregon Urban Legends and Ghost Lore this week with the reports of a ghost soldier, tortured and killed mental patients, the ghosts of the Flavel family, and a haunted lighthouse! Enjoy!


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