Photography by Mary Farnstrom 2020

Macabre Author.
Disturbed Artist.
Unhinged Alaskan.

Mary Farnstrom has been a freelance writer and illustrator for over a decade, with a focus on creative works. Her earliest work appeared on Yahoo! Contributors before they dismantled the platform. After realizing her passion for the arts, she pursued them throughout her time at Fullerton College and by 2016 found herself studying indigenous languages, anthropology, and linguistics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

During her schooling, she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Golden Key International Honor Societies and regularly volunteered her time at the tutoring center to help students refine their own academic and creative writing endeavors. Her writing has appeared in scholarly magazines, such as Chevening, where her stories speculated how the changes of habitats could affect the planet for future generations.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys volunteering at the Fairbanks Art Association, exploring the Last Frontier, and mentoring people who seek her help. Currently, she writes at Puzzle Box Horror, where she educates and entertains fans of the horror genre with her articles, short stories, and illustrations.

Personal Projects

Anthology of No Interest

This Sci-Fi/Horror/Thriller anthology is geared towards the post-apocalyptic world view, below is a list of all of the pre-publication releases that have been posted as a preview of the content.

True Alaskans (Working Title)

As an Alaskan, the author has been compiling the real-life stories of people who are Alaskan through and through, whether they were born in the state, or just embody the spirit of the Last Frontier. The below list are the stories that have been chosen to be published as a preview for the publication that is set to be released in the summer of 2021.

  • The Barfly
  • The Clerk (coming soon)
  • The Mechanic (coming soon)
  • The Veteran (coming soon)
  • The Pipeliner (coming soon)
Poetry & Whimsy


You started watching scary movies and reading bone-chilling stories as a kid. Like us, people probably thought you were a little weird, but interest in the paranormal is normal. There are millions of stories that cannot be explained by mainstream science.

Some of us have a need to know and understand what is behind the veil of paranormal activity and to ask the questions no one else seems to want to ask. The mysteries and the lore are fascinating and sometimes macabre (and we love them). We’re a growing international community of creatives and paranormal explorers. Sound like your tribe? Welcome to Puzzle Box Horror.

Check out this review on the first issue of Puzzle Box Horror’s Atlas of Lore #1 – Oregon

Mary is currently working as a freelance writer for Puzzle Box Horror, which is a website dedicated to all things spooky, creepy, and paranormal. She writes articles and original short stories through this website and more content is published every day!

Atlas of Lore #01 – Oregon

Check back for updates on the partnered publication of The Unhinged Alaskan and Puzzle Box Horror as they bring back pulp magazines with their first issue focused on the supernatural and paranormal horror myths and urban legends of Oregon.

The Unhinged Alaskan partnered up with PINDEMONIC in late September of 2020 to collaborate and design enamel horror pins. We’ve just gotten started, but what we have done together so far is pretty epic! Check it out!

Modern Cauldron is run by an extraordinary woman, she and I collaborate on many spiritual topics and she is helping to establish the Grimoire on my website, as well as the Encyclopedia of Supernatural Horror at Puzzle Box Horror.