Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles and pentagrams correspond to the Earth element, which is a feminine energy that relates to our planet as a source of security and stability. This suit symbolizes physical resources, the body, values, practical concerns, material goods, property, and forms of monetary exchange. Most decks will portray this suit as coins, discs, shields, stones, shells, crystals, wheels, or loaves of bread; as well as the traditional pentagram and pentacle. When people are depicted in the suit the people are engaged in some form of work and commerce, enjoying the fruits of labor or things money can buy, some suffer in poverty. When Pentacles appear in a spread it’s usually a sign that financial or material matters are more prominent in the mind. In some cases, they may signify physical or health issues or other situations involving the body. This suit also suggests a need to focus on practical concerns, or the flip side that one is putting too much emphasis on material things.