Suit of Wands

This suit may also sometimes called rods, staves, clubs, or batons. All of these represent the element of Fire, which is linked with will, self-expression, and inspiration. The suit itself suggests expansion and personal power, and can often describe career-related issues, a creative project/endeavor, or things you’re overly passionate about. Figures on the Wand cards are frequently shown as warriors, heroes, or leaders and also inspired people who “charge” into life with confidence. Most of these figures ride a horse, carry or wave flags, wear garlands, and generally seem to just be enjoying themselves whatever they may be doing. When Wands appear in a reading, it’s usually indicating that action or growth is at the foot and or required. This can be the mark of a new adventure or may mean to muster your courage to get through an already started endeavor. They also tell you to have fun, take risks, assert yourself, or to be creative.