Linestrider’s Journey Tarot Reading


If you purchase a tarot reading from The Unhinged Alaskan, you will receive an eerily accurate reading that encompasses your query—get a little foresight into what is to come in your future.


Are you concerned about your financial future, or wanting some advice on whether or not you should take that big promotion?

Would you like to know what is going on with your love life, or if they are “the one”?

Is there something that has been nagging at you and you’re curious to know what or why?

If you purchase a tarot reading from the Unhinged Alaskan, you will receive an accurate tarot reading based on the query of your choosing. This service will include a picture of the tarot spread used, as well as a detailed write-up of your reading.

NOTE: This is considered a digital service, you will not receive a physical product.

Please be sure to fill out the information below as thoroughly as possible when purchasing this product, use the e-mail you would like to be used when contacting you regarding your purchase. In the Message portion, please include what you would like me to consult my cards for—remember to avoid yes or no questions!


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